Authors, don’t forget that today is #PitMad day.  If you have a completed manuscript ready for publication, you can pitch a tweet with 2 or 3 hashtags that correspond to your book’s genre (one of them should be #PitMad).  Your tweet may be ‘liked’ by an agent, in which case you can submit part of your manuscript to that agent according to their specifications.

Your book must not have been previously published.  You are allowed 3 pitches between the hours of 8am – 8pm EDT.  You can send the same pitch 3 times, or tweet 3 different ones.

If your book is not quite ready yet,  there will be another chance to take part in another #PitMad day on December 5th 2019 between the hours of 8am – 8pm EST.

Good luck!  Remember to not ‘like’ your friends’ tweets who are taking part in #PitMad today.  Leave that to agents or editors who are interested.