You may be already aware of this, so just skip on by if so.  However, if you’re not phone savvy like me and are interested to find out more, do stay with me.  I find this useful when I’m away on the Isle of Wight and the mobile Internet device we have on our computer isn’t working properly.

You need a 4G phone signal on your iPhone for starters.  Go into ‘Settings’ and then ‘Mobile Data’.  Turn on ‘Personal Hotspot’, which gives a password for anyone to use that wants to log in to your computer (you can change this password if you like to something more memorable).  When you turn on your computer and check out the Wifi available, then the iPhone’s details will come up for you to put in the personal hotspot’s password.  You are now working on your computer via Internet provided from your phone.

Hope I’ve explained this properly?  It may increase your phone bill, so don’t use it unless you really have to!

Signing off now to pack ready to go home tomorrow and do a thousand and one domestic duties.  Don’t really want to go home.  If I knew how to put a sad face here, I would…