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Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

Yes, of course I read all reviews I receive.  However, I am of the opinion that you cannot please all the readers all the time, and so I expect to receive some reviews that are not so favourable.  

If I receive a good review of four or five stars, first of all I’ll thank the reviewer.  Then I’ll add it to my website, send a tweet about it, and generally promote the review on my other social media sites.

If the review is one or two stars, I will leave it alone.  The worst thing to do is leave a comment or show online that I’m affected by it.  The reviewer may be a troll hoping I’ll comment so that they can immediately start a nasty conversation and bring in several of their noxious friends who gain some kind of perverse pleasure in trashing books.

However, sometimes there is some constructive criticism to take on board if the reviewer leaving a negative review is genuine.  This I will read and will sometimes act upon.

Three star reviews are okay, but in my opinion nothing to shout about, and so I don’t shout about them!

By the way, last week I received this rather nice review on Goodreads from Stephen Bentley for my paranormal short story ‘Finding David‘, so I thought I’d share it below:

‘This short story took me about two hours to read. It was delightful. If you have a longish wait it’s an ideal read for entertainment to while away the boredom of waiting.

Author Stevie Turner is a good storyteller. The yarn simply galloped along. In spite of (I guess) some of the subject matter or theme of the book comprising of the paranormal, it was written in an entirely credible way.

There is some excellent dialogue throughout the book. I also liked the character building – unusual in a short story but this one was just long enough for Stevie to put some ‘flesh and bones’ on the main characters.

Great ending too and one I did not see coming. Well recommended read!’

Here’s a 5 star review I received last week for my short story ‘The Noise Effect’:

The Noise Effect may be only a little over 60 pages, but it grabbed me from the very first page and I was mesmerized until I finished it 45 minutes later. I loved Eve and Leigh, and having suffered from some truly awful neighbors myself, I more than emphasized with them. But even if you’ve been spared a similar experience, I promise you’ll still connect with this couple. The suspense is teased out over the course of the story and there’s more than one twist that managed to catch me by surprise. Even toward the end, when I thought I had everything figured out, there was one more revelation. 

One of the things I love about being a blogger on WordPress (besides meeting all you lovely people), is that I’ve been fortunate enough to have stumbled across some truly gifted writers. I’m thrilled to be able to say that I’m adding Stevie to that list. I’ve always had a problem with novellas and short stories, in part because it’s so difficult to have time to form an emotional attachment with the characters. In my recent review of Joe Hill’s Full Throttle, I panned the short story, Throttle, he wrote with his father, Stephen King, mainly because I hated the characters. And most of you know what a fan I am of theirs, so it truly pained me. Stevie has proven that you can have wonderfully developed characters that you care about even in a short story or novella, and for me, well, what a treat. I HIGHLY recommend The Noise Effect to everyone who’s looking for a quick, suspense-filled read with relatable and sympathetic characters

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