Thanks to Terri Webster Schrandt for this week’s Sunday Stills Photography Challenge, where the topic is ‘Think Pink‘ (this post has been scheduled, by the way).

I thought I’d add a photo of my late mother Dot, which was taken back in May 2014.  I love the surprise on her face as she realises she’s the star of a surprise party for her 90th birthday.  She soon laughed out loud when she saw the mistake I hoped she wouldn’t see – a pink banner above the door to her community centre.  By the time I’d put it on the wall moments before, it was too late to change it.  I’d bought it all wrapped up, thinking it was for somebody aged 90!

Pink banner.JPG

Dear old Dot.  We didn’t always see eye to eye, but I miss her more than I ever thought I would.  I now wear the wedding ring she has on her finger, and somehow it makes me feel she is still around.