Friday Click & Run – 18th October

Yes, it’s Friday Click & Run time again….

You know what to do by now… just leave a link to whichever blog post you’d like to share this week.  You only need to read and comment on other blog posts if you want to – there are no mandatory rules here.  Live and let live, that’s my philosophy…

Please keep the blogs reasonably family friendly though.  If I see any nasties I will have to delete them!


Thanks to the 7 bloggers who left links last week.

18 thoughts on “Friday Click & Run – 18th October”

  1. Thanks Stevie. I’ll share my online shopping post. 🙂

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  2. What does go on at the State Opening of Parliament?

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  3. It’s two for the price of one again this week, and they’re both free. Can’t find a better deal than that. First, what everyone (or at least search engine questions) wants to know about Britain,, and then an update on Brexit, complete with cold germs,

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  4. Hi Stevie, thank you once again for this opportunity that you provide to all bloggers
    Today’s blog of mine is a bit serious one. My segment real issues’ quip covers the issue of body shaming that is very common. It’s a campaign. We all are reblogging it and posting it on every social media to stop it. I hope you read it and join our campaign
    Thank you once again.

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  5. Here is the link to Lisa Burton’s interview with my new book’s evil character, Hugh Bigod: It tickled me pink.

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