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 We’ve talked about writer’s block.  Have you ever had reader’s block?

I used to love reading as a child.  In school holidays Mum and Dad would go off to work, and I’d curl up on the sofa with a book and would often still be there at 2pm when Mum came home.  I read for the pleasure of it, and always had a stack of books to get through.  Books have always been a source of comfort to me.

However, when I began writing novels in 2013, all this changed.  First of all I preferred to write and not read, even though I knew that I should be reading much more than I was.  Secondly, when I read anything I began to find faults as I went along (it had never occurred to me to do this beforehand) and somehow the pleasure of reading was somewhat dulled.

Lately I have tried to increase my reading.  I joined the Goodreads’ 2019 challenge and so far this year have managed to read 14 books and now I am on a 15th.  I am really enjoying Mark Edwards’ new book ‘Here to Stay‘, because he writes the type of novels that I like to read – psychological thrillers.

So, no I haven’t really ever had reader’s block, but I try to make more time for reading now.  I still enjoy a good book!

Have any other blog-hoppers ever had reader’s block?  Click on the blue button to find out.  If you haven’t got readers’ block, you may like to check out my bargain paranormal novel ‘Partners in Time‘, which will be just £0.99 only on Halloween (with another bonus too – more to come).

Partners in Time Halloween


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