Oh, I remember those days of trying to get my sons to practice their piano pieces. The eldest son was quite good at it, but computer games would always win. The youngest preferred the guitar, and he mastered it very early on. He played in numerous bands before becoming a father himself and now stresses the importance of learning a musical instrument to his own sons. Lol – the whole vicious circle starts again. Apart from the guitar, he now plays the piano by ear and can play any tune with both hands, after never mastering being able to read piano music.

Barb Taub

In life, there are many social events which are easier to attend if you don’t have to play the leading role—births, weddings, funerals, and music-student recitals. As a public service to parents about to attend their child’s first recital, I would like to offer a brief description of your duties.

  • DO NOT BREATHE during your child’s performance.
  • Mothers: fix your eyes on your child’s face and silently mouth each note. You lose points for wincing.
  • Fathers: Make a microscopic study of the floor next to your feet. Try not to think of the 3,000 times you have heard the piece played perfectly by the same child who has stumbled three times in the first line.

I was forced to become a recital veteran because I let my daughter watch TV. When the three-year-old saw Itzhak Perlman play the violin on Sesame Street, she decide to become a violinist. I was…

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