Thanks to Sally Cronin at Smorgasbord for her help in promoting my new thriller ‘Examining Kitchen Cupboards’, which was based on my own findings when working as an examinations assistant at a college back in 1999.

The book is at the pre-order price of just £0.99 /$0.99 until December 7th. After this date it will revert to its normal price of £1.95/$2.50.

Thanks also to D.G Kaye for the 5 star review!

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Delighted to share the news of Stevie Turner’s upcoming release which is on pre-order at the special price of 99p/99c for delivery on December 7th – Examining Kitchen Cupboards.

About the book

Jill Hayes discovers that not all is as it seems in her new post as a college examinations administrator. When she turns whistle-blower and tries to report her findings to the authorities, she is horrified to discover that some people will stop at nothing to ensure her silence.

For readers’ information:Although the characters and college are fictional, the actual exam question that sparked Jill’s nightmare is a genuine one from 1999.

One of the advance five star reviews for the book by D.G. Kaye on her blog Review for Examining Kitchen Cupboards by Stevie Turner

Stevie Turner never disappoints. From her fictional family sagas to her nonfiction, and mystery/thrillers, she knows how to keep a reader engaged…

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