We have interesting conversations at work in our tea break.  On Monday a friend mentioned that she lives in a 150 year old house, which has a ghost cat.  The cat often walks about and she has seen its physical body many times; a short haired cat, black and slender.  She even said that sometimes she sees just its tail waving about as it walks around her house.  Weird eh?  She often feels the ghost cat jump on her bed and curl up, but cannot see it.  She thinks the haunting may have something to do with people way back when putting cats in walls to ward off evil spirits.  I’ve asked her to take a photo of her ghost cat when she spots it again.

I suppose the poor old moggy was somewhat cheesed off at being walled up back in the 1800s, and has been making subsequent owners aware of his displeasure since then?

This reminded me of my childhood when we lived in a haunted flat on the Commercial Road, Poplar, East London.  I would often see ghost dogs running down the hallway and disappearing into the broom cupboard, but being only 6 or 7 years old I thought this was perfectly natural at the time.  My bedroom was always freezing cold, my bed would jump about at night, and Mum could never explain the almost permanent imprint of a body on my bed even during the day although she always took care to tidy the bed and make it up properly.

Friends of my parents took over the tenancy of the flat when we moved out in 1964.  They experienced the same strange happenings in what used to be my bedroom.  They investigated further and found that some poor soul had hanged himself in my bedroom some 50 years before.  Everything that had happened there then made sense to us.

Some things cannot be explained.  I can still recall diving under the blankets until the bed stopped moving.  It never occurred to me to tell my parents, and I just accepted that the bed moved about.

I always look forward to tea breaks!

P.S  Have you ever seen any ghosts wandering about, whether human or animal?