Reading Beetley Pete’s blog entitled ‘Things I Don’t Like‘, it gave me food for thought and so I decided to write my own version too.  So… here are six things I don’t like.  Feel free to add your own dislikes!

1.  Uncontrollable dogs that are not on leads.

We all know those people who talk to their dogs as though they’re human.  They let them run free and tell them not to run up to me and bark when I’m walking along minding my own business, but the dog doesn’t listen.  Why should it?  It’s a dog, that’s why.  The creature should be on a lead if it cannot walk to heel.

2.  Drivers that drive as close to my exhaust pipe as they can get.

This is not going to make me drive any faster, and that’s a fact Jack.

3.  People that are not punctual.

I was taught to be punctual from a very early age. Therefore if I am given a certain time to arrive, then you can bet your bottom dollar I will be there at that exact time.  People who arrive late drive me crazy, especially when they don’t phone and let me know they have been held up.

4.  Any food that is spicy.

Please don’t give me curry, garlic, or any other foods that are spicy/hot if I ever come to your house for dinner.  That goes for dairy and eggs too.  If you do, I will probably end up in A&E.

5.  People who have abused their bodies by overeating to the point of morbid obesity and diabetes, or drinking too much alcohol to the point of cirrhosis, or smoking until they can hardly breathe, and then wanting the NHS to make them better for free.

If people want to abuse their bodies then fine, they should be free to do this.  But they should not expect the NHS to pick up the pieces for free.  They should pay for the services needed to bring their bodies back to some kind of working order.

6.  People who walk along the street looking down at their phones:

Look where you’re going for goodness sake!