Yes it’s that time again!  Have you written a short story (2000 words or less please) or a poem with a Christmas theme?  If you have and would like to take part in the contest, publish the story on your blog and then add a link to it here in the comments.  On Christmas Eve I’ll pick my favourite one to share on my website and other social media.   The winner will also be able to feature this laurel on their blog:

Christmas story laurel.png

I thought I’d add my poem to get you all in the Christmas mood:

Nellie Answers Back

Copyright 2019 by Stevie Turner


‘Twas Christmas Day in the workhouse

The snow was falling fast.

Nellie scrubbed two hundred shirts

And wished the day would pass.


Since Father died and Mother too

She’d fallen into ruin,

Just a crust of bread to eat,

Poverty had been her undoing.


Mrs Tandy in the laundry

Stared at Nellie’s shirts.

“There’ll be no Christmas pud for you today,

The collars are full of dirt.”


“How can you expect a treat –

When your shirts are less than white?

You’ll stay inside the laundry

Until you’ve got them right.”


Nellie had really had enough

And when Mrs Tandy laughed,

Nellie couldn’t help herself,

The words had to be said at last:

“I don’t want your Christmas pud,

So stick it up your arse!”


She threw a shirt at Tandy’s face

So that she couldn’t see,

Then swung a punch in the direction

Of where a nose should be.


The other girls did yell and cheer

Even Queen Victoria smiled,

The day Nellie ate no Christmas pud

In 1895.