This week the topic is:

What one thing would you give up to become a better writer?

There’s actually two things that I’d give up.  The first one would be my job as a medical secretary so that I could concentrate totally on writing.  Unfortunately that’s not possible as I need to earn money like everybody else, and I currently earn more as a medical secretary than I do as a writer.  However, my main job is not half as interesting as being able to sit in peace in my own front room and write whatever comes into my head!  I must say that I’ve learned a great deal by working at the hospital though, and so it’s not all doom and gloom.

The other thing I’d give up is having a presence on social media.  Having to check various sites and promote my books is a drag, a distraction, and a huge time suck.  I do like blogging though, and would probably keep my WordPress site.  I’ve already closed my Facebook account, but I realise that Indie authors would have trouble selling any books at all without the help of social media sites such as Twitter etc.

What would other blog-hoppers give up?  Click on the blue button below to find out.  This is a scheduled post as we’re busy packing up our possessions at the van and moving into a new one, so I’ll get back to any comments a bit later in the week.


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