Thanks to Jim Webster for his entertaining reminiscences and for his promotion of my new book ‘Examining Kitchen Cupboards’ which is based on something I discovered when working in the Exams Department of a college back in 1999. It’s a suspense novella mostly created from my own imagination, except for that one question you will come across which is very real!

Thanks also to D.G Kaye for the 5 star review.

Jim Webster

what happens in school stays in school

Teaching is my families other profession. My mother, sister and various cousins all taught for a living. So by adding their memories to mine I’ve seen schools evolve from 1948 to now. The world my mother entered is probably unrecognisable now. At teacher training college after the war, the college held one dance per term. The RAF officer cadets from a nearby training school were invited.

Young ladies sat along one wall of the dance floor, young gentlemen sat down the opposite wall. The RAF officer commanding and the Lady College Principal sat on the stage, each with their second in command to act as a runner. Should a gentleman wish to dance with a lady, he would go up onto the stage, ask his officer commanding, who would in turn ask the principal, who would send her second in command to collect the young lady in question. They would…

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