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Interview one of your characters. Introduce them to a new audience or give existing readers new insight into their motivations.

I thought I’d interview Jill Hayes, who is one of the main characters in my new 31,000 word novella ‘Examining Kitchen Cupboards‘, a small part of which is based on my own experience whilst working in a college’s Exams department back in 1999.  The book was published on 7th December.

Stevie:  Jill, do you like your new job as an Examinations Assistant?

Jill:  No, not really.  I don’t think my boss likes me.  I can’t seem to do anything right.  And.. there’s another thing.

Stevie:  What?

Jill:  I’ve found out something.  Everyone knows it’s going on, but nobody talks about it.

Stevie:  Can you be a bit more specific?

Jill:  I’ve since been told to keep quiet and that what goes on in Daxton College has to stay in the college.  However, before I was silenced I was so angry at what I found out that I decided to turn whistle-blower and write some letters to national newspapers under an assumed name.

Stevie:  Any luck?

Jill:  No.  I was told by a succession of editors that they understand my frustrations, but they would not be able to print my letters because they are too controversial.

Stevie:  Sounds intriguing!

Jill:  Yeah, so I wrote to my MP, who told me of somebody else to write to.  When I wrote to them, my son was abducted, beaten up by persons unknown,  and told to inform me to shut up.

Stevie:  Wow.  So you’re not going to spill the beans then?

Jill: Not now.  I’m getting out.  I’ve found another job.  Any job is better than the one I’ve currently got.

Stevie:  Good luck, Jill.  Hope it all works out for you.

Jill:  Thanks.

Jill doesn’t realise what the far-reaching effects are going to be of trying to turn whistle-blower.  Luckily I didn’t suffer the same outcome, but like her I got out of that job as soon as I could find another one.

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