Had to re-blog this entertaining poem about knees by Judy Dykstra-Brown. We take our knees for granted when we’re young, but if we don’t look after them, they’ll tell us about it in later life…

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Think of all the things you wouldn’t be able to do if you didn’t have knees!

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Knees, Please

Knees, knees, folks have knees
from Katmandu down to Belize.
In Peru, where they ride llamas,
they still have knees in their pajamas.
Further north, up where it freezes,

even Polar bears have kneezes.

Knees, knees, folks have knees
to ogle, fondle, pet and squeeze.
(It’s easy when they’re under kilts.)
Some knees on roller skates or stilts
are scabbed and scaly, skinned and sore,

but still they know what they are for.

Knees are great to bounce a baby
to kick a soccer ball, or maybe
to bend in prayer when they’re in church,
or form a perfect sort of perch
for lovelorn boys on bended knee

to ask girls, “Will you marry me?”

Knees, knees, folks have knees
In sun they burn, in snow they…

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