Yes, I’ve finally decided to start that anthology of winners from my ‘Share Your Short Story’ contest.  I’ve been collecting favourites for 2 years now, and plan to publish the stories and poems on Amazon in the New Year.  Any royalties collected would go to Cancer Research when I’ve gathered enough!  I’ll begin compiling the anthology after all the Christmas hoo-hah has died down.

There will be one more contest in February before I put it all to bed, and I’ll add the winner from that month too, and maybe even another one.  So if you want a chance to be included in the anthology, now is the time to think up a great story or poem!  I will keep the contest going during 2020 for anybody who is interested in taking part.

So… what I need now is permission from authors of winning stories over the last couple of years, so that I can publish their stories or poems.  I’ve listed them and their blogs below.  I already have permission from Frank Parker and Toritto.

Please could each of the authors below send an email to with just a few words giving me permission to publish your story.  Unless I receive this, then your story cannot be included in the anthology.

Dawn Gondeck:

Mitch Lavender:

Geoff Le Pard:  2 stories

Phil Huston:  2 stories

Ann Richardson:

Phill Slater:

Kelly Artieri:  2 stories

Jim Webster:

L.A Myles:

Richard Dee:

Darlene Foster:

Thank you!