Here’s a new one to add to Friday’s Indie author support blogs.  This time please leave a link to a great review you’ve had on Amazon for one of your own books.  Just a link to the review is enough and the review itself if you like, because let’s face it, if people are interested in the book it’ll be easy to seek it out!

I’ll start the ball rolling with a review I had for ‘A House Without Windows‘ back in 2015 from Joy Nwosu-Lo-Bamijoko.  I have 69 reviews so far for this thriller on AmazonUS, and I’ll share this one with you:


I read this book in just two days. I was so carried away with it, that I had to finish it, and I did. I had to know how the story ended. What a sad, sad experience Beth was subjected to, and Amy too. This was an extraordinarily vivid story about the fear, agony, and deprivation abduction inflicts on those who experience it.

One day Beth was a young, happy, and carefree doctor with everything going well for her. Then abduction hit her. How can this happen? Yet we hear that these things are still happening as we speak. Fully grown women, not just only children anymore, are being abducted every day, and imprisoned for decades against their will. Who knows how many more are languishing in dark holes hidden away from prying eyes, and from the public. Who knows how many of them will never be found.

Beth and Amy’s story is sad, and unnerving. It is hard to take. It is even harder to think that the perpetrator is unrepentant and spoiling for revenge. Edwin believed that he was the wronged party after all he put Beth and her daughter through. People that mad should never be allowed to see the light of day. This was a hard story to read, very interesting though, as I already said. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. A must read!

I look forward to reading your reviews!  If you could click on a couple of your colleagues’ review links and tweet them, then that would be awesome!  Thank you!

Image by ClarissaBell from Pixabay