Hi all,

I had several entries for the Christmas competition,  and I enjoyed reading them all.  I singled out Darlene Foster’s ‘The Bright Lights of Christmas‘ as a winner, which instead of fake commercialism, incorporates the true meaning of Christmas.


Congratulations, Darlene, here’s your laurel to display, and do I have your permission to post this story in the anthology I’ll compile in 2020?


Christmas story laurel


Don’t forget to check out these other great stories and poems below:


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Times & Tides of a Beachwriter:  ‘I, Isabella’.


D.G Kaye:  What’s in Your Stocking?  https://dgkayewriter.com/share-your-christmas-short-story-or-poem-stevie-turner/

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S R Bottch:  Today I Smell Gingerbread.  A Holiday Story  https://srbottch.com/2019/12/15/today-i-smell-gingerbread-a-holiday-story/

The next competition will be in February. 

I had a look through my most popular posts, and ‘Share Your Short Story’ and ‘Share Your Short Story / Winners’ seem to be the most viewed, and so thanks to all who have supported the contest in the past.  

I’ll have a bit of a blogging break after today, as I will be deluged with relatives and then Sam and I are off to the van for a 5 day break on the 27th.  So all that’s left to say is happy Christmas, and I hope the New Year brings all you wish for.  See you in 2020.  Love from Stevie. x