I don’t know about everyone else, but to me January tends to stretch out rather flat and depressing after the Christmas lights get taken down.  I’ve written a poem below about January, my least favourite month of the year.  I also asked Sam to take January away and bring the sunshine.  He says he can do it, but it’s going to take him about 6 months…

January Blues, by Stevie Turner

Copyright Stevie Turner 2020


Twinkling Christmas lights

Green, yellow, blue and red

Are strung around the garden

And over the roof of our shed.


Sam is creative

When it comes to lights

The neighbours all look

And say “How nice!”


But now Christmas is over

And the garden needs to be fixed,

It’s unlucky to leave lights up

Past January the sixth.


Sam scrabbles around

In a cold stiff breeze

Unhooking strings of coloured lights

From the branches of our trees.


Sodden grass all churned up

By his huge Wellington boots,

As he pulls out wires

Down amongst the trees’ roots.


Brown mud, bare branches,

And spring bulbs shooting through

Are all that is left

And the odd broken bough too.


The garden has lost its former glow

That both of us adore,

The lights have gone for another year

Until it’s Christmas time once more.


But spring bulbs promise warmth

And a sun that brightly burns,

We raise a glass to summer

While awaiting the lights’ return.