Sam and I set out on a bike ride recently, which included what must have been the only hill in Suffolk.  I was panting a bit when we got to the top, and we stopped so that I could catch my breath and have a sip of water.

As we sat there taking in the view, a group of male cyclists sped by.  There was one leader out in front, and the rest trailed behind with another one bringing up the rear.  I think they must have been part of a local cycling group, as they all wore similar tops.  We said the usual ‘good morning’ that everyone says in Suffolk, and they answered us with a similar greeting as they went by.

I mentioned to Sam before we set off, that if the group had been all-female, they would have been more together and chatting rather than a leader out in front.  If there had been a leader, then she would have been aware of the one at the back and would have slowed her pace.  Sam replied that the leader of the group of male cyclists would probably be more worried about not going fast enough for the group, and so would not think much about the one at the back.

On my favourite flat bit of road leading into our village is always the time when Sam lets go of the handlebars and cycles along faster with both hands in his pockets.  It would never occur to me to want to do this, as I’d worry about falling base over apex.  Sam grins and says he feels about 12 years old again when he does this.

Women and men really are from Venus and Mars respectively, aren’t they?