This week on Streets Ahead we’re promoting Robbie & Michael Cheadle’s cookery book ‘Sir Chocolate and the Baby Cookie Monster Story and Cookbook:

Book 2 of the Sir Chocolate series: Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet find a lost baby cookie monster. Join them on an adventure to return the baby to its mother and learn how to make some of their delicious recipes at the same time.

5 star review from L. Carmichael:

What does one do when their gingerbread gate suddenly has crumbs… it means something has been nibbling. That’s a no-no in Chocolate Land, so Sir Chocolate must investigate. And that’s when he learns there is a baby cookie monster causing trouble. So… personally, I’m on the baby cookie monster’s side in this caper. The poor little creature was hungry. I’ve been there. It makes total sense. If the books weren’t so adorable, I’d deduct a few stars for saying it’s bad to steal cookies. I say steal all the cookies and give them to me!

Okay, I’ll be serious now. This is a fun series, and I recommend it as one for parents and kids (or friends and kids) to read together. Make a day out of it. Use the wonderful illustrations and words to share a beautiful story with kids. Make up voices for all the recurring characters. Follow the online videos to make your own fondant art together as a family. Robbie and Michael Cheadle, and other members of their family, have pulled together a plethora of afternoon activities to make food, learn lessons, read books, learn new skills, and eat tasty desserts.

There’s a poem at the end about a girl at the beach, and a recipe for sausage rolls – another fave of mine. This was another winner, and I am thrilled to share my latest review for the series. I just want to know… how do the Cheadles ever get to write the books when all these beautiful food art is on the table in front of them?!?!?