I’m rather pleased with the BookFunnel promotion that I decided to take part in this week.  It’s the last day of the ‘Mystery, thriller and romantic suspense’ promotion today, and as of yesterday I’ve had 317 readers download a free copy of ‘A House Without Windows’ on Amazon.  The book’s ranking soared to number 4 on the free Kindle list on AmazonUK, and number 7 on the Romantic Suspense list.

No.4 in Suspense & Thrillers


It’s difficult for authors to find the best platform to promote books on.  Personally I haven’t found Facebook or LinkedIn helped at all, and so deleted them.  As far as I could tell, Facebook was full of authors spamming their own books, and LinkedIn was full of people desperate to sell me their services.

BookFunnel has many promotions running during the month, and you can join the one that most fits your book.  You can discount your book to $0.99/£0.99, or make it free for the duration of the promotion.  All you need usually is a sales landing page (which you can make on BookFunnel) or a newsletter.  With some of the promotions you need a certain number of subscribers on your mailing list.  You’re allowed to promote 5 books for $20 per year; any more than that (and if you want to collect email subscribers) you will have to upgrade to a more expensive service (next one up is $100 per year).  Here’s links to the landing page and promotion page for Lily: A Short Story, which will be part of the ‘Short Month, Short Fiction‘ promotion next month:

Landing page:  https://buy.bookfunnel.com/tsodgzpkzn

February promotion link:  https://books.bookfunnel.com/februaryshorts/earmee7kj8

Once you take part in promotions and you share the given link from the promotion organiser on your social media sites on a specific day, then BookFunnel tracks how many times you share the link and how many clicks you generate to the promotion page (in this way you build up your BookFunnel reputation).  It’s not too difficult to get your head around, even for me!  BookFunnel tells me that for January’s promotion (as of yesterday) there were 38 shares and 140 clicks on the book.

If you have a short story and would like to take part in February’s promotion, you can join in by clicking on the link below.  You just have to make a landing page on BookFunnel first:


I’ve decided to take part in one BookFunnel promotion each month; the next one for Lily: A Short Story will not be a free promotion.  I’ll update you all in a few months’ time and let you know how it’s going.  It seems to me to be a better way of promoting books. Okay you have to pay for the service, but sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate.  Currently I’m on the $20 plan, but may upgrade in the future.