This week the topic is:

What are your top three distractions and how do you deal with them?


As an author, the first and main distraction is social media.  Unless I work offline, then I tend to check Twitter, WordPress, BookFunnel, ACX, Amazon, Goodreads, KDP, MeWe and my email notifications as they come in.  Fortunately these days I don’t have to check Facebook or LinkedIn as I deleted them, but social media is a serious distraction and time suck if authors are trying to write a novel.

Social media creeps up on you like a convolvulous vine and entwines itself around your very being if you let it.  You start off with one site, then feel obliged to register for more sites because you read online that authors must jump up high to be seen above everybody else, and the only way to do that is to be active across as many social media sites as possible.  However, when you log into these sites, you see the very same authors are on there as well as on all the other sites, and that they’re all jumping up just as high as you are.  It’s a lose-lose situation, as we’re all promoting our books to each other, and not to the readers (who are not authors) that we should be promoting them to!  What a game it all is, and what a terrible waste of time.


Paid employment takes me away from writing books.  At the moment I earn much more working as a medical secretary three days per week than the royalties I receive from Amazon and Ingram  Spark.   After I’ve spent 6 hours staring at a computer screen at the hospital, then I don’t always fancy coming home and staring at my own screen.  Consequently not much writing gets done on work days.


Sunshine.  When it’s a lovely day outside and the sun is shining, then I’d rather be out walking or cycling in Suffolk or on the Isle of Wight instead of sitting at a computer.  Therefore in the winter I’m much more productive as regards creative writing!

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