Just had some rather delightful news – I’m going to be a grandmother again!  This baby will be grandchild number five.  Marc and Lisa already have 2 boys, and this time I think they’re hoping for a daughter but ultimately will be happy whatever the sex.  The baby is due at the end of July.

Strangely enough I knew the baby was coming and what’s more I’m sure it will be a girl.  I said to Sam only last week that I felt absolutely certain a baby was on the way.  I had even bought a lovely little dress that caught my eye recently.  Our other granddaughters are 12 and 14, so why would I have bought this?

Baby's Dress

Poor Lisa is as sick as a parrot at the moment, but then she was nauseous with the other two as well.  They’ve already moved the two boys into the big bedroom, and now will have lots of time to prepare the smaller bedroom for the new baby.  It’s going to get a tad expensive for Nanu and Grandad at Christmas and birthdays!