As a writer,  to improve my own creative writing I’d love to know what makes people skip pages in books.  I can add my own reasons below, but I’d love to read yours!

1.  Too much description:

I once read a traditionally published book where everything was described to the nth degree, obviously to achieve the desired word count.  Boring is an understatement. I’d rather read a good plot with no fill-in pages, and if the book is shorter, then so what?

2.  Too much graphic sex:

Constantly having to read how big his manhood is or what he does with it in minute detail with nothing left to the imagination is about as erotic as a cold suet pudding.  At my age I’d rather he takes his manhood and boils it in a saucepan somewhere to be quite honest.

3.  Too much graphic violence:

Ugh – what a turn off!  I quickly skip over stabbings, shootings, or heads rolling on the floor etc.

4.  Ethnic/native/slang dialogue:

If they’re speaking English but it’s in some kind of local patois, slang or accent, then I struggle to understand it and skip on down.  I expect the author probably hails from that particular area and it’s natural for them to use it.  However, for everybody else it’s…wtf are they saying?

5.  A plot that moves too slowly:

I’ll skip along until I can pick up the plot again if the book is too wordy.

6.  Dreams:

I’m a realist, and any pages given over to describing dreams will have me yawning and skipping on down.

So… what am I looking for?  Do I read anything at all?  Yes… a good psychological thriller will keep my interest until the end.  I love witty dialogue too, and chapters that end in cliff-hangers which make me want to read more.

What are your reasons for skipping pages?