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After the disappointment I experienced when trying to get my books into Ipswich County Library  https://steviet3.wordpress.com/2020/02/01/library-books/   I decided I wouldn’t give up and that I’d try one of the Norfolk libraries instead, as we are on the border of Suffolk and Norfolk.

To this end I traipsed along Diss High Street and arrived at Diss Library to find the doors closed and a message on the door which read that there were no staff available that day, but library users who had been previously approved could use their special keys to access the books.

This was a surprise –  nobody working there but readers had a key (the council must be in dire financial straits!)?  Hey ho, another disappointment, so I went back down the hill and … something I had forgotten about…  there by the lake was a bookshop.

I had another go at nailing my courage to the  sticking post, and went in.  I flashed 4 of my books in front of the manageress and told her they were on the Gardners system, that I was a local author of many more books, and was enquiring as to whether she would be interested in displaying some of my books on her shelves.

Lo and behold, she flipped through them and didn’t say no!  However, she quickly informed me that they would take 40% of the profits.   I told her that was fine (Gardners prefer to take 55%!).  She kept the 4 books I gave her and asked me for my details, which I wrote down.  There would then be a meeting between the staff to decide whether or not to display my books, and that she would contact me with their decision as soon as she could.

I left the bookshop feeling quite uplifted.  At last there was one person who had not given me a negative answer straight away.  A small victory for the self-published author!  I will update this blog whenever I get a reply from the manageress.  I will also try Diss Library again in a few days’ time in the hope that a member of staff might be working there…


Once again the answer was a resounding ‘No‘.  It seems the self-published author cannot get a foot in any door.  I shall pick up the books from the shop and have another go at taking them to the library when it’s actually open.

By the way, I did try Bury St. Edmunds to see if there were any bookshops other than Waterstone’s, but they had all closed due to lack of customers.  What a bloody sad state of affairs.