Thanks to Sally Cronin at Smorgasbord for the shout-out for my thriller ‘Examining Kitchen Cupboards’.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the first of the author updates of the week with recent reviews for authors on the shelves of the bookstore.

The first author with a recent review is Richard Dee for the SF murder mystery Ribbonworld.

About the book

‘Review a hotel for me,’ she said. ‘It’ll be easy,’ she said. I haven’t even got started and there’s a body in the bathroom.

Journalist Miles Goram has a problem. Far from home on a strange planet, all he wants to do is review the hotel and go home. Someone else has other ideas. Just out of prison, his life is hard enough. Is this to do with his past?

Welcome to Reevis, a planet without days or nights where life is only possible under a vast pressure dome. It is on this airless wasteland that Miles finds himself caught up in a mystery involving a huge interplanetary corporation…

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