Today it’s also the turn of Friday Review Share to support Indie authors.  Please leave a link to a great review you’ve had on Amazon or Goodreads for one of your own books.  Just a link to the review is enough and the review itself if you like, because let’s face it, if people are interested in the book it’ll be easy to seek it out!

If you haven’t yet had any reviews for your books, then you can leave a review you’ve written for an Indie book that you’ve read. 

I’ll start the ball rolling today and leave a review that ‘Peter’ had left on Goodreads for my paranormal novel ‘Partners in Time’:


At first I was a bit sceptical about this book. When looking at the cover I thought it would be more of a romance than some fine tale of horror. But I was wrong. John and Kay Finbow move into Southcombe Rectory. There he meets the ghost of Emily Cuthbertson (her bedroom is John’s study) and they even have a child together, a boy named Robbie (stunning idea!). But what about Kay? When she also got pregnant with John’s children, first Mia, then Ethan you can sense the upcoming problems here. Who will be John’s partner at the end, Emily (the ghost of the past) or his present wife? Can John overcome the ghost of Emily at the end? And what about the medium Coral? This was an entertaining, well written story with supernatural elements and a plot that kept you reading. Also the characters in the novel were quite convincing. If you’re looking for a novel focused on relationships with a ghostly touch this might be your stuff. Recommended!