Welcome to the Blog Hop.  This week the topic is:

What is the most unethical practice in the publishing industry?

I can think of a few.  Here’s what goes on for the uninitiated:

1.  It’s when an ‘independent publishing company’ asks for $50 set up fees to publish your book.  You then find it’s only published via Amazon KDP, and you could have done the whole process yourself and kept all your royalties instead of giving up half to the ‘publisher’.

2.  It’s a vanity publisher charging you £600 to publish your book and doing absolutely no editing or marketing.  Then one of their ‘sales representatives’ constantly telephones you to try and get you to publish another book for a further £600.

3.  It’s rogue publishers seeking out first-time authors who haven’t got a clue about marketing and and dazzling them with all the wonderful things they can do to get the author’s book in front of the public and reap the financial rewards.  The ‘promotion package’ is very expensive, but the author pays because they believe in the publisher.    In reality the publisher takes the money and does nothing.

4.  It’s masquerading marketing companies who invent writing competitions to fool authors into believing their ‘awards’ are genuine.  Authors fork out sums of money for each book they submit to the ‘competition’.  A fake award is given to whichever author’s book is drawn out of the hat first.  What a con that one is!

5.  Small publishers who target authors with emails which read “I love your book!  Contact me to see what I can do for you!”  The name of the book is never mentioned, and surprise, surprise, they will charge a fee.  In reality all they’ll do is take your money.

So, as you can see there are many shysters in the world of publishing.  I check every offer I receive now with Victoria Strauss at Writer Beware.  The majority of offers I do get are bogus, and now I’m terribly cynical and suspicious of any small publisher that contacts me.  Sad isn’t it?

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