I think I made the right decision to jettison the Streets Ahead book promotion group and concentrate on Book Funnel promotions instead.  Many more authors take part in Book  Funnel promotions, and there is more chance of achieving sales.

For the month of February I took part in Book Funnel’s ‘Short Month, Short Fiction‘ promotion.  I’ve sold a total of 33 novels this month, compared to a total of 11 this time last year, so it seems to be worth the effort in getting registered and setting up an account.  I had 346 clicks on my books, and 50 shares.  I’ve also had 10 readers sign up for my mailing list, as I give readers the choice of whether or not to sign up on the Book Funnel newsletter promos.

Today the ‘Short Month, Short Fiction‘ promotion is coming to an end, but there’s still a chance to grab some bargains.  There’s 113 short stories to check out, which are either free or discounted.  My paranormal short story ‘Finding David’ is also part of the promotion: