I was prompted to write this blog after reading Soul Gifts – Telling Tales’ blog regarding toilet paper.  It seems that there is a thin line between civilisation and mass panic, and the thin line has been broken.

I’ve just come home from work at my local hospital.  Despicable people are stealing the hand sanitiser machines.  I’ve heard tales of men fighting over packets of toilet rolls in Tesco’s, and one poor chap was surrounded by people wearing white overalls and masks when he coughed a few times in Outpatients.

True human nature is on show here; it’s every man/woman for themselves and their own family, and sod everybody else.  The selfishness of people is beyond belief.  Why would you fight over a packet of toilet rolls? Haven’t they heard of wet wipes or tissues?  Why steal hand sanitisers from hospitals and put even more people at risk – people whose immune systems may be compromised through co-morbidities?

I won’t be surprised to see toilet rolls and hand sanitisers on sale at boot fairs, Ebay and anywhere else where these low-life people can make a large profit by selling them at vastly inflated prices.  All I can hope is that nobody buys them.

So we are still in the ‘containment’ phase.  Why not banish people to their homes for 2 or 3 weeks like the Chinese did?  It’ll all be over more quickly and the virus won’t drag on for 6 months.   The Chinese have got it right, but we all know it’s never going to happen over here.  There’ll be fights to the death for toilet paper, tinned food and pasta, with the media fuelling the panic-buying.  The sooner supermarkets start rationing foodstuffs, the better it’ll be for all of us.  Until then only the strongest and most selfish will be able to stockpile all the food.  May they gain diabetes for their sins…