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Today I’m sharing my 4 star review of ‘Ours, Yours and Mines‘, a historical and well-researched novel by Carmel McMurdo Audsley which focuses on the lives of Scottish miners and their families back in the 1800s.  Ms McMurdo has written a true-to-life book based on the research she has undertaken of her own McMurdo ancestors.  Parts of it make for heartbreaking reading. The families lived in grim two-roomed cottages, where tuberculosis and miner’s lung were rife and women knew that not all of their large brood of children would survive to adulthood.

Margaret and  George McMurdo had 11 children, and to be honest, I’m glad that I was born more than 100 years after poor old Margaret.  But the women were stoic, uncomplaining of their lot, and tried to make the best of what they had.  After reading this book I don’t think I’ll take running water, electricity, a bath, a flushing toilet, and labour-saving devices for granted ever again!  Margaret never knew any of these, and she and her contemporaries were worn out by the age of 40.  Such a sad life they led by today’s standards, but not by theirs as they did not know any different.  Fascinating book in a kind of depressing way!