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A House Without Windows_Stevie Turner

Here’s a 5 star review it received from Readers’ Favorite:

A House without Windows by Stevie Turner is the story of Dr. Beth Nichols who was held captive for ten years together with her daughter, Amy, who was born in captivity. Shortly after she fell pregnant with her fiancé Liam’s child, Beth was kidnapped by an ex-patient, with little hope of escaping.

The story is told from different perspectives and is narrated in both first person and third person. The book starts with Amy’s perspective where we find out about the house (room) where the two are kept locked and their daily routine through an innocent child’s eyes. In Beth’s story we find out more about the kidnapping and how she managed to escape. From Liam’s perspective we learn that he is torn apart between his new life with his partner and their toddler, Toby, and the hope of being reunited with the love of his life and their ten-year-old daughter of whom he knew nothing. Later on in the book, we get to read Edwin’s perspective as well as Joss’, all leading to one question: will Beth get a second chance to live her life surrounded by loved ones?

I enjoyed reading A House without Windows from different perspectives as Turner captures perfectly the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters. Amy’s perspective is heart breaking as the captivity is the only reality that she knew at her age. The book keeps readers interested throughout and, as the perspectives change, you want to know more about each character and how the story will come together in the end. The book has all the ingredients of a good read: positive characters, a villain, suspense, authentic dialogues and a narrative style that keeps readers interested to the very end.