An excellent post by Francesca Melandri and blogged by Daniel Kemp.  Yes, some of this is indeed true.

Stuck at home, I do miss my adult children and grandchildren. However, on another tack I don’t feel the need to eat more than I usually do, as I only shop once a week and need to make it last so that I don’t have to go to a supermarket more often than I have to. I have a garden to get out in , and country lanes to walk in which are devoid of people, and so I guess I’m luckier than most.

Gallows humour is rife on the Internet, and some of it is very funny. You have to have a laugh!

The TV has blanket coverage of Coronavirus updates, and I watch only the 5pm daily update. There is only so much depressing news you can take, and to constantly be bombarded with increasing numbers of deaths and infections is not good for our mental health.

Sam is still working, but I cannot go to work at the moment and I cannot work from home. We are getting by. We won’t divorce, as we’re very similar in nature and he’s quite a nice guy to be stuck at home with! Friends are ringing me up more often, the family call on Skype, and there is nothing else to do but to write, ride it out, and wait for Cyrus the Virus to be done with us.

Daniel Kemp

The acclaimed Italian novelist Francesca Melandri, who has been under lockdown in Rome for almost three weeks due to the Covid-19 outbreak, has written a letter to fellow Europeans “from your future”, laying out the range of emotions people are likely to go through over the coming weeks.

I am writing to you from Italy, which means I am writing from your future. We are now where you will be in a few days. The epidemic’s charts show us all entwined in a parallel dance.

We are but a few steps ahead of you in the path of time, just like Wuhan was a few weeks ahead of us. We watch you as you behave just as we did. You hold the same arguments we did until a short time ago, between those who still say “it’s only the flu, why all the fuss?” and those who have already understood.

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