I sent an email to a friend at work who is still at her desk during this crisis.  I’ve been feeling a bit guilty for staying at home, and wanted to know if they were inundated with letters to be typed.

It appears that most of the middle aged or elderly patients are not turning up for their clinic appointments, thereby not undergoing Lucentis, Eylea or Avastin injections to save their eyesight from the ravages of wet age-related macular degeneration.  Some of the doctors and nurses who work in the Eye Clinic  have been re-deployed to other wards.  There wouldn’t have been much work for me to do if I had gone in.

The Eye Clinic is in a separate building to the main hospital, and in the East of England there are fewer Coronavirus cases than in London.  It occurred to me that people would rather put their eyesight at risk than catch the virus.  With something as precious as sight, I think I would have taken my chances with the virus and made sure that my eyes were okay.  Would readers of my blog have done the same?  It would be interesting to read your comments.

The husband of a friend of mine recently had an urgent operation at the beginning of March for cancer of the vocal cords. He is waiting impatiently for 6 weeks of radiotherapy,  but is worried that his treatment will be postponed.

At the end of the day I suppose it depends how urgent you think your treatment is as to whether you turn up to obtain it.  Hopefully my friend’s husband will be able to have his radiotherapy, but at the moment they are not sure if it will go ahead soon.

Have you put off any treatment until later in the year?