On Fridays I do my bit to promote Indie authors/bloggers by posting either Click & Run, Streets Ahead, or Review Share.  This week it’s the turn of ‘Click & Run’:

You know what to do by now… just leave a link to whichever blog post you’d like to share this week.  You only need to read and comment on other blog posts if you want to – there are no mandatory rules here.  Live and let live, that’s my philosophy…

Please keep the blogs reasonably family friendly though.  If I see any nasties I will have to delete them!

Thanks to the bloggers who always take part and leave their links.

I hope you’re not offended by bad language, as there is lots of it in the video below (if you are, this is a warning not to look at it!).  However,  I thought it was quite funny so… any excuse for a laugh… I’m going to share it: