Some people cannot bear the fact that others are getting away with doing something they’re not allowed to do. If they themselves are not allowed to do it, then nobody else is going to do it either!

I’ve been out on a walk (alone) this morning. Every time I go out now, a police car passes me by at some point. Are they checking out reported sightings of people walking about in groups? Who knows, but there sure are a lot more police cars about.

In Saner Thought

This virus has given us bloggers lots to write about…..the horrible responses…the lack of equipment….the shortages in food and stuff….lots to write about.

There is one aspect that is a by-product of the shelter in place orders all over the country……that aspect is SNITCHING on neighbors…..

Reminds me of the days of the Nazis when neighbors snitched on their friends…..and kids snitched on their parents……or maybe the KGB tactic of employing snitches……anyway we now have our own brand of snitches.

Time calls it “a snitching epidemic.” Slate calls it “when petty neighbors become the social distancing police.” Others think it’s precisely what is needed. As the coronavirus pandemic ravages the globe, neighbors are increasingly tattling on neighbors or local businesses violating social distancing rules. The AP rounds up a number of stories of businesses—bars, a yoga studio, a golf course—that were forcibly shut down, cited, or even saw owners arrested…

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