Boris Johnson’s symptoms have worsened, and now another member of the Cabinet, Michael Gove, is self-isolating.  The virus has been quite prevalent among members of the Cabinet, including ironically the Health Secretary.  Before ‘virtual’ meetings were carried out remotely, the Cabinet were all ignoring their own advice and gathering together in one room to work out the next steps in fighting Covid-19.

I’m sure Boris is receiving the best of care at St. Thomas’ Hospital, and is currently in intensive care in case he needs a ventilator.  His pregnant fiancee has spent a week in bed with Covid-19 symptoms, and so far in the rest of the UK there have been over 51,600 people who have been infected and over 5300 deaths.

I’m not sure some people here are taking this virus very seriously.  It is a killer, and none of us have any immunity to it.  If it can affect the most powerful man in the UK, formerly hale and hearty, then it should be a lesson to  us all to practice social distancing instead of going to the beach or parks in this unusually hot April weather.

Easter is coming up, and therefore 4 non-working days.  Unless the Government bans going outside altogether then I expect even more people will die  as some selfish people do not take any notice of instructions, being only concerned with their own social lives.  Nobody wants to be stuck inside on a glorious day, but the isolation will only be temporary in order to control this disease.  People tend to think oh, it won’t happen to me, but hey, it might well do so.  Nobody is exempt from catching it.

China banned going outside the home except to buy food and medications, and now they have had no new infections today for the first time since January.  Tomorrow people can leave Wuhan for the first time since lock-down began 3 months’ ago.  Total lock-down is the only way to stop this virus.  Unless the Government choose this option, then we will be limping along in partial lock-down for months and months, even years.  Many businesses will go to the wall, if they haven’t already, and the country will once again be in recession.

Cyrus the Virus needs a short, sharp shock!  What do you think?

Update:  Mr Johnson has been ‘stable’ overnight and does not need a ventilator at the moment.  I wish him well for a speedy recovery and to get back to his refreshingly decisive self as soon as possible.