I think this is a great post that shows how we must follow our dreams and live true to ourselves to find happiness. So often as teenagers we’re influenced by our parents and by what they expect us to become, so it must have taken quite a bit of courage for Phil to change direction and branch out on his own. However, I can imagine that even now Mr Huston would give the finger to anything he didn’t want to do!

Not Very Deep Thoughts

Well, I didn’t want to grow up to be a grown up, for damn sure. Seriously. Who wants to be one of those?

“A professional electronic instrument and audio clinician is simply a clueless punk kid who didn’t quit.” – Phil Huston (paraphrased from Richard Bach)

My first real “I wanna be” was cartoonist. Maybe a cartoonist who was a Forest Ranger. I could sit in the fire towers and draw cartoons of my animal friends. Or a football player. Forget that. Or a piano player. Then girls came along. I got a cool, garage band Vox organ, I was going to be Paul Revere and the Raiders, by myself, tri-corn hat and all and the girls would swoon like they did on Where the Action Is every afternoon. It’s good to dream when you’re young, even if you’re clueless.

When I sat down at the piano to play a…

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