Every day during lock-down I try to keep my daily routine similar to what it’s always been on the days when I didn’t previously go to work, as those days are now the ‘new normal’ for me.  I used to alternate exercising with writing and blogging, and that’s what I do now, except at the moment there is a new addition – the 4.30 Coronavirus update on BBC 1 and the additional joy of the Government minister and his two sidekicks’ daily lecture at 5pm and subsequent questions by journalists.

I’ve now decided just to watch the 6pm news bulletin instead, because the most important points of the lecture are repeated yet again, and therefore I do not have to listen to the eternal question posed by different journalists as to when the lock-down is going to be lifted.  I’m becoming rather irritated; every day the Government minister lets us know in no uncertain terms that there are too many infections and deaths, and that we have to stay at home.  Back come the journalists to ask when we will be able to go out again.

What’s the point of keep on going over the same old ground?  In fact, what’s the point of the BBC depressing the nation with an hour and a half of Coronavirus (I now hate that word) facts and figures, when the minster and his 2 sidekicks can just speak on the 6pm news bulletin instead?  They can condense what they’ve got to say in about 5 minutes.  In this way we can be spared the ‘when can we see restrictions lifted‘ question.  I’m sure we will be told when we can resume normal life just as soon as it’s possible to do so.

The blanket coverage of this disease on TV is doing the nation’s mental health no good at all.  I’m sure cases of depression are rising due to the unaccustomed isolation that some people cannot cope with, combined with Coronavirus scare-mongering by the media.  Facts and figures are repeated ad nauseam, when really we only need to hear it all once a day on the news or the radio, or it can be typed on the text for people who prefer to read it.

Am I the only one who feels this way?  Yes, I know there’s a virus out there and that we need to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.  But hey, I don’t constantly need to be told as though I’m cerebrally challenged.  The oft-predicted surge to overwhelm the NHS has not happened!  At 4.30 every day instead of switching on the TV, I am now going to ensure the ‘off’ switch is activated until 6pm.