Before I start, I’d like to thank D.G Kaye for introducing me to this author (we have a very similar taste in reading matter).

I have just read a remarkable book by Delia Owens.  Ms Owens is an acclaimed wildlife scientist and has written bestselling non-fiction about her time studying wildlife in Africa.  She uses all her love and knowledge of wildlife to set the scene for her first work of fiction Where the Crawdads Sing‘.

Townspeople in Barkley Cove talk of the Marsh Girl, who is sometimes seen boating along the marshes of the North Carolina coast.  As a child Kya Clark was left abandoned when first her mentally ill mother walked out of the family home, and then subsequently her alcoholic father.  She learns to cook and fend for herself, and grows to love her surroundings and the wildlife that inhabit the marshes.  Illiterate, she collects feathers and shells, but shuns school after attending for just one day and being bullied.

One person brings light to her life. A boy, Tate, who also loves the marshlands.  He leaves feathers  for her to add to her collection, and she gradually learns to trust him over many years.  However, circumstances change, and Chase Andrews comes into her life when Kya is grown.

What happens to Chase also runs through this book, and adds a ‘whodunnit‘ interest to this story. The townsfolk are against the Marsh Girl, and they instruct their children not to go anywhere near her.  They are sure she had a hand in Chase’s ultimate fate.

Is Kya just marsh trash, or a poor abandoned soul looking for love?  Have a read of this wonderful book, and you won’t be able to put it down.  No wonder it’s now being made into a film!