And it was so that the Government scientist who advises our Boris on important things like not associating with people from other households during lock-down, has himself been associating with people from other households.  Yes, the naughty boy has been entertaining his married lover in his own household, when his married lover was supposed to have stayed put in her own.

Hmm, I expect this ‘entertaining’ would have continued throughout the whole lock-down, had not some irate person ratted on him; the married lover’s husband perhaps?  A neighbour?  The scorned wife?  The mad scientist is estranged from his wife and child, and has now resigned from his job, as quite frankly, who now is going to take seriously any advice that he gives out?  He’s lost everything, and it’s his own stupid fault.

He is one of those people who have made themselves an exception to the rule, and other people who have been compliant with Government instructions tend to become rather pissed off when they see others flouting the law.  My neighbour has had visitors during lock-down, as I’ve seen them sitting in the garden.  No, I haven’t ratted on her as it’s her choice to put herself at risk.  If she catches the virus from visitors… yes, it’s her own stupid fault.

Our Boris went to his second home, Chequers, recently and Prince Charles went to his.  However, the rest of the nation were told not to go to theirs.  Were Boris and Charlie fined by the police?  Hmm…. I wonder.  When people flout the rules it makes a farce of the whole lock-down situation.  Joe Public need to see people in authority sticking to the rules, as quite frankly, you cannot blame them if they also decide not to abide by Government instructions.

After this latest flagrant ‘in flagrante’, I wonder if we are going to see many people decide for themselves that they are also the exception to the rule during lock-down, and hey, who can blame them?  It is human nature to decide the rules apply only to everybody else if they think they can get away with not being detected.  I have recently read that there are legions of hairdressers working ‘underground’ in London.  However, as a warning to anybody who flouts lock-down, I also expect the ‘ratters’ might be out in force to balance the equation!