A wonderful post from Toritto. The ‘celebrity’ culture fuelled by social media can only breed discontent. Reality will eventually strike causing a great sense of dismay that yes, the majority of us are just ordinary people. To get to the top you usually have to know the right people, go to the right school or university, or have shedloads of money or even a combination of all three. However, being special to your partner, children and grandchildren is a more realistic goal to strive for, and can be just as rewarding.


Last week I put up a post regarding suicide which is a topic with which I thankfully have no experience.  I have never had suicidal thoughts, in even my darkest days nor have I ever known anyone who committed suicide or needed  professional help to keep from doing so.

Living in the modern age in America hasn’t been too bad for this old man.  I was able to make a living, travel the world in jet planes, pick up a phone and talk to my wife in New Jersey from Egypt, India or China.  I would have made a lousy farmer in the nineteenth century and can’t image walking west on the Oregon Trail.

On the other hand however, those of us living in modern times live in a culture which creates  constant low grade anxiety in all of us; a low level depression which never seems to go away. …

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