Out here in the wilds of Suffolk it’s easy to forget that there’s a deadly virus about.  We can walk for miles around fields or cycle along country lanes and not see another soul.  I’m mindful not to become too complacent though, as two closed pubs, a cafe and a hairdressers remind me that we’re not out of the woods yet.  Luckily for us the one other shop, a butcher’s, has stayed open.

On Monday I contacted the hospital where I work to find out if and when they might want me back.  I was told that at the moment there are only about 20 letters per day as the patients are not turning up to appointments.  Added to this, the desk where I sit has now been taken over by the Neurology secretary, as her previous working area is part of the Covid-19 ward, and obviously she will be there for some time.  This was another jolt to the system.  I’m only a ‘bank’ secretary, and therefore have no permanent job, although before Covid there was enough work for me to do 24/7.

I’m now a lady of leisure, and have no idea when I can start working again.  Sam says he prefers it that I’m home anyway, but I’ve been in constant work since 1994 when my kids were old enough to leave.  However, Covid-19 has changed my life around along with the rest of the world, and I’ll have to get used to the new normal.  I’m getting fitter with all the cycling and walking and Sam’s getting all the outstanding household jobs done at weekends, and so I have to look on the bright side and hope that things might get back to a semblance of normality soon.

Boris now has a 3-step plan which is dependent on the rate of infections continuing to fall, and so maybe a ‘new normal’ might just be around the corner.  I might not like it much, but I’d better get used to it because it’s the only one I’m going to get.  Fast-forward through 2020, I want it all to end!