Over the past 6 weeks or so I’ve been ordering food online.  To be honest I haven’t been very happy with the service, as many products I’ve received have been very near their sell by date, others haven’t been available (out of stock was the reason given on the website), and the substitutes I received were not wanted at all.

Today was definitely my last online order; fifteen items were missing.  I unpacked the shopping delivered, then decided to brave the virus and drive to the same supermarket and check out the shelves.  Traffic was very light, and the supermarket was emptier than I had ever seen it.  There was no queue outside.  Shoppers were directed to a table to wipe down their trolleys and had to queue 2 metres apart to be directed to a till, but other than that everything else was as normal.  Nobody wore any face masks, not even the staff.

I found all 15 missing items on the shelves, which on my receipt had been labelled ‘out of stock’.

Back at home I went online to cancel next week’s order, and saw that several of the items in my future online order were apparently not available even though I had just seen them that morning on the supermarket shelves.

What’s going on?  Next Friday I will be back to my regular routine of driving to pick out the groceries myself!