Ellen Hawley always writes interesting and informative blogs (funny too!) about UK history or politics. Today’s one is about Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s advisor, who drove 250 miles to stay near relatives during lock-down in case he and his wife were too ill with the virus to look after their child.

This reminds me of the time Sam and I caught chicken pox from our sons. They had a few spots and were leaping around as usual like mountain goats. Sam and I felt absolutely dreadful and could happily have slept in a darkened room for a week. However, did we drive 100 miles to leave them with either of our mothers? No, we didn’t want to infect them as well, and so we bloody well had to get on with it!

Notes from the U.K.

Back in March, Boris Johnson’s brain–that’s his advisor, who has a name of his very own, Dominic Cummings–was infected with Covid-19. Keep him in mind, because he’s the heart of the story, but as usual we need some background.

Britain had gone into lockdown by then, and had widely publicized guidelines on what that meant. Leaving home (defined as “the place you live,” because a lot of us weren’t clear about that) “to stay at another home is not allowed.”

The guidelines didn’t define that other home, the one you don’t live in and weren’t to go to. Presumably it was a place someone else lived, although it could also have been a second home–a place no one lived. 

That’s enough possibilities. If I go on, it’ll only get worse.

Unnecessary travel was banned. Unnecessary wasn’t defined, but let’s take a shot at it ourselves: If you were being chased…

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