The Hair & Barber  Council represents 11,000 hairdressing salons in the UK, and says that politicians are taking too long to give salons permission to open, and that most of their members would be Covid-ready by mid-June alongside other non-food retail outlets.

I have spoken to my hairdresser, who tells me she has invested in a full plastic visor and will only have two customers in her conservatory at any one time (she works from home).  She is desperate to resume work, having been closed since 24th March when lock-down began.

I am desperate for her to return to work too.  She has cut and coloured my hair every 5 weeks since 2004 and has stopped it from looking the way it did in the picture below where I stand with my mother and cousin in 1977.  I was 20 and in the process of ‘growing it out’ (much to my mother’s disgust at the time, but not mine unfortunately).

Mum, Phillip and me in 1977

Okay it’s a little bit thinner now as I’m not 20 anymore and have survived much radiotherapy, but I’m starting to frighten the horses in the field opposite our house unless I wear a baseball cap (it has to be pinned to my hair to stop it coming off in the wind!).  The brown paint job is fading to a horrible gingery hue, because the cumulative effects of 16 years of dye are now starting to wear off rather badly (I tried a shop-bought dye but had a reaction to it).  I’m in two minds whether to go grey gracefully and be done with it once and for all, but for 62 years I’ve been used to looking in the mirror and seeing dark brown hair.  Hmm…

Ladies of a ‘certain age’… what would you do?  Have you decided to let the dye wear off, or could you not bear to see any grey?  I’m seeing lots of grey now, but reckon that anyone can get used to anything given enough time.  Sam says he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what colour my hair is, and so he’s no use at all.