The Girlfriend is Michelle Frances’ bestselling debut novel.  I read it in just a few days, as it did keep my interest until the end.  However, I have to knock one star off for the constant head-hopping and give it 4 stars,  but other than that I thought it was a rather good read.

Every mother knows the time will come when she has to share her offspring with their new partner and take a back step.  However, wealthy TV executive Laura Cavendish is used to a close relationship with her son Daniel, a junior doctor, and when admin assistant Cherry Laine comes along to bowl Daniel over, Laura takes a dislike to Cherry and is suspicious that she is only with Daniel because he is rich.

Laura looks forward to a mother-son holiday with Daniel at her villa on the French Riviera, but Daniel invites Cherry, who tags along just for a ‘few days’,  but then seems unwilling to leave the villa and return to work.  Laura discovers that Cherry hasn’t been totally honest about her return flight home, and the two begin to rub each other up the wrong way.  Daniel is stuck in the middle, and Laura is scared that she will lose her son to a gold digger. When tragedy strikes on a subsequent white water rafting holiday, Laura devises a plan to get Cherry out of their life for good.

A good read for fans of psychological suspense.  However, anybody who was born or lives in Croydon, Surrey, is not going to enjoy this book half as much as I did!