Welcome to this week’s blog hop.  Today the topic is:

Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

There’s a couple of reasons that each book of mine stands on its own.  Firstly I have to write the buggers so I have to like what I’m doing.  My preference is to be able to chop and change genres according to what my mood is at the time.  It’s  exciting for me when I’ve thought up a new plot, and this plot might have young, middle aged or old characters in it according to what I want them to do.  I know I’d get bored wittering on about the same old character, and at the end of each book I like to put all my characters to bed, so to speak. Secondly,  I don’t want to bore the reader with similar stories.

I love writing a suspense story and then perhaps something funny after that, followed the next time by perhaps a paranormal tale or a family drama.  I like it that I’m not stuck in the same old rut with the same character doing the same old same old.  This is in no way detrimental to authors who prefer to write about just one character… all I can say is that a bit of variety works for me!

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