Hurray!  My dentist is going to resume working from 8th June!  This is good news indeed, as I need Upper Left 7 crowned (it was going to be done in March before Cyrus the Virus struck).  My dentist is excellent and her husband is wonderful too, as he puts me to sleep for any work that needs doing (there’s no way I can have any dental work done without sedation).  He also works as an anaesthetist at the same hospital that I do, and between them they have saved 8 of my teeth so far.  Okay, this all comes at a price, but it’s better than having no teeth at all!

Little bits of good news are trickling in every day now.  My sons and grandchildren no longer have to speak to me on Skype; they can visit and we can have a chat in the garden.  The weather is gorgeous, and it’s only a matter of 5 weeks before we can head off to our caravan on the Isle of Wight on July 10th.  I’m 30,000 words into a new story, and life so far is as good as it can be in these ‘unprecedented’ days of Covid-19.

Most of the outstanding jobs around our house have been done now, as Sam was desperate to keep occupied over the many weekends of lock-down.  He’s painted the outside walls, scraped moss off the roof, given the outside coal/wood storage box a make-over, fixed the extractor fan problem above our cooker, dug the flowerbeds, and cut the leylandii trees.  He’s often mentioned that he wishes he could be an aesthete and float about in a kaftan all day and write poetry, but God gave him practical skills instead.  He’s looking forward to a free summer of no jobs, lazing on the decking, riding his motorbike, or taking his kayak out on the solent to catch some fish.  On Sunday he took his bike out for the first time since March, and came back with a grin on his face.

Our fifth grandchild is due at the end of July, and so my cup of joy will soon be overflowing.  Only two more pieces of good news would make my life complete:  Firstly, the news that there is work for me to do at the hospital.  However, there is hardly any work for the permanent secretaries at the moment let alone us ‘bank’ girls, and so the only way to look at it is to turn it on its head and enjoy an extended ‘holiday’ for as long as it takes.  Secondly, I still have to wait for my hairdresser to resume working,  and I’m counting the days until my appointment on July 6th…

What’s your good news?